Common Mistakes by SEO Beginners

Common Mistakes by SEO Beginners

Mistakes are common and it has to be there but should not be so often. Mistakes should be trace out and to be rectify as early as possible. Learning from others committed mistakes can probably make your mistakes lesser. Mistakes likely to be happen from beginner. Since he is doing something rather than doing nothing.  So don’t bother too much from mistakes.

In Search Engine Optimization there major possibilities to attempt mistakes since it involved multi techniques. Expertise comes after deep study and better experience and mistakes get reduced.

Let me share my study and experience to you to learn something.

Following are few common mistakes,

Try to attract many links without quality attention.
Don’t confuse between traffic and quality traffic. Large number Incoming links may help somewhat extent to generate traffic. Here our experience suggest that go for only those links that referring to sites having good ranking and this could be best strategy.

So here quality is important rather than quantity.

Lesser focus on Quality of Content  
This is most common mistake committed by beginner and even from experts. Grammatical mistakes typological errors are show the lesser quality of your published content. Flow of the content is also important. Selection of Keyword for writing is important but at the same time position of the keyword should not be ignored. It’s most important that articles should be unique.
Writer should know the topic in details or else he must get train. 
Absence of Site Map
While reading web pages, Site Map helps to reader to navigate the site and many more things.

It’s help search engine to get access of each and every pages from your website. That’s why we suggest adding site map to site.

Do mistakes but do not repeat mistake. All the best to!!