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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the technique used for website higher ranking in search engines. This will give more qualified leads. Google search engine is preferred by most of the searchers to get information they want. Millions of searches done every day on internet.

What we do is optimize your website using a range of on page, off page and social media tactics so when keywords relevant to your business are searched on engines like Google, MSN & Yahoo your website shows up as a link on the first page. It's our extensiveness of tactics and 'how' we deploy them that makes us different and effective.
SEO Process
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly technical process, but for online merchants it's also a critical business process. That's why we take the time to learn about your goals, products, the competition, and your marketplace. We will customize your SEO campaign to meet your specific business needs.

Pre SEO Analysis
In pre SEO analysis we do the competitive analysis of the website. Here we provide free website audit which includes current online presence of your websites. We will also do analysis of structure of website and search engine rankings for both your website as well as your competitors. This will define your benchmarks for search engine optimization.

Category and keyword research
Keyword research is next - identifying the words or phrases that your audience is likely to enter into search engines. We tailor your website according to the most used key phrases and keywords by the web surfers. This research will help us to give you final keyword suggestions which will give you high returns on investment (ROI) on your SEO spend.

On- page Optimizations

This requires optimization of your homepages and subpages (title, meta-tags, alt tags, keyword usage) to make it more search engine friendly. We work on Dead link check, (x) HTML Validation, Navigation Analysis, Site Taxonomy, File name changes, modify the visible contents and layout of the page including the HTML content.  Optimizing your site will not affect the way your pages look. The necessary changes include new URLs (path names) for selected pages as well as including a list of recommended words in your existing page content. We'll give you files summarizing all these changes. After completion of On-Page Optimization we'll upload the optimized content to your server.

Off-Page Site Optimization
Off page optimization includes Strong link building, Directory Submission, SE Submission, PR Submission, Article Submission, Deep link Submission, Local Listings etc.

Delivery of optimized site
Once all the technical work is completed, your website is ready to be uploaded on the server and submitted to the search engines. We do follow the regulations and guidelines laid down by major search engines as we work exclusively on ethics. Our expertise team uses sophisticated tools to research, analyze and then plan strategies to ensure maximum visibility.

We will provide you a ranking report before starting optimization. In this report we will give your website’s current ranking in various search engines. You can use this report to compare results of our optimization.

Post SEO, we will send you the monthly reports to keep track of the progress. We will also monitor your website continuously to make sure that your website is not dropped out by any major search engines.

Fees will depend on how competitive your keywords are. So contact us for more info.