Listed Within 15 Minutes, Larger Budget = More Traffic, Easily Geo-target Visitors

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the best ways to drive immediate traffic. It allows companies to allocate a specific monthly budget for online ads which are geo-targeted, continually monitored and highly optimized.

The SEM vendors are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter and many more. Since 2006 SEM is growing faster than traditional advertising.

According to BIA/Kelsey nearly all Consumers (97%) use online medium to shop locally. This is just one among many studies confirming importance of Search Engines to consumers looking for business locally. Almost everyone uses Google Maps to find local stores or restaurants, or Facebook and Foursquare find details of places you visit. So don't remain behind and be a part of the crowd and take advantage of this trend to increase your business!

How does Search Engine Marketing works?
First you have to understand the way search engines work and people use them, then you can develop a plan to target Right people for your business. Here’s the basics…
  • People uses search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing,etc) to find store in their area.
  • They are using specific search terms or “keywords” to find details
  • Google like Search Engines will show “relative” search results for these businesses in order to keep people coming back to search again. Then only Search Engines can make their money.
  • People find what they want from the Search Engines.

Search engine marketing has a product “Paid inclusion“ in which search engine company charges fees for inclusion.

Different mode for payment
  1. Pay for Impression
  2. Pay for Click / Cost per click (CPC)
  3. Pay for Leads / Cost per leads (CPL)
  4. Pay for Acquisition