E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing

"Did you know the average person has to see or hear about your product 7 times before they will buy from you?"
Email Marketing is defined as a form of direct marketing using electronic mail to enhance a relationship with customers thru brand loyalty and incentive programs. AryansTech understands that email is a very helpful and remarkable online communication medium to constantly stay in touch with your target market. It is a cost effective method and saves extra time. Email can be used to spread information and ads timely and exclusively to the target audience. We know it will generate a big amount of business for your firm from new prospects. We utilize your client's database and quickly communicate with them. Email marketing's end goal is to promote repeat business or engagement from the customer base. Email Marketing should be an essential online marketing tactic for all e-commerce, lead generation, or information websites.

Many people are doubtful about the value of email advertising, mostly due to negative experiences with spam email. However, professional and ethical email advertising campaigns can actually be incredibly rewarding for your business, increasing your traffic, customer base, and ROI. These emails are sent with a purpose to enhance bonding between businessman and its previous or current customers. Also to flourish customer fidelity and bring more online business to them. The mails are also passed on to new customers with a motive to convince them for buying your new product line. It also includes some advertisements and promotions related to your products and services.

Across the boundaries of time and money, the solution will prove very much efficient for your work. This is most famous way to reach to new costumers a well as approach old ones and letting them know of your new launch products as well modified. For resolving all of your problems regarding this you have come to the right place.

Modern email marketing services and solutions support database integration, segmentation and various other tricks and techniques for improving the targeting of outgoing messages. Email promotions and offers generate immediate action: sales, downloads, inquiries, registrations, etc

Our Unique list of E-Mail marketing Process:
  • Designing of HTML based newsletter that will drag and drop you the target market.
  • Complete Tracking System through which you can maintain your account.
  • Schedule your campaign in terms of sending mails.
  • Regular checking of Reports, so that you can keep a check on the Recipients to whom the mails have been sent.

Tracking System

We offer you in email marketing a complete tracking system. You can have record of each and every single mail of yours. It will done in the six sub headings, like how many of the mails of your have been studied, How many mails have been unsubscribed, you will also get to know that these many recipients of your had opened your mail. You can also have a track record of the hard bounces and soft bounces.

We design distinctive goal-oriented HTML email which influences your customers. We do make sure that the emails reach to their respective audience with authorization. It's our responsibility to check deliverability factors. Our email campaigns hold a strong position in our client's inbox despite of spammers and bulk mails. Some advantages of email marketing campaigns are:
  • Sending email is cheap as compared to any other media investments like direct mail or printed newsletters
  • A mailing list allows easy distribution of information to a wide range of potential users
  • It helps in tracking detailed Return on investments
  • Email gets delivered in a short timeframe i.e. minutes or seconds whereas a mailed advertisement took one or two days
  • The scope of E-Mail marketing is not limited in the real sense of word. It's as vast as your aspirations to achieve the goals of a sky height success. Get connected to our team that have years of experience and who have knowledge that will make double of sales and economic profit.