Behavioral Retargeting

Behavioral Retargeting

What is Behavioral Retargeting?
As you know well you have invested time and money into every person who visits your Web site. On average 98% of the visitors who browse your site will leave without converting - whether that conversion is an action as simple as joining an e-mail list or as complicated as buying a sports car. Don't let your investment in those customers disappear! These are your most valuable prospects - they have already shown interest in what you have to offer by visiting your Web site. So how do you make sure that those customers don't forget about you?

How Does Retargeting Work?
A single line of code is added to your website page(s). Prospects receive a non-invasive anonymous cookie containing no personal or identifiable information and no spyware or adware whatsoever.

At the same time, custom banner ads are created for the retargeting campaigns which are then approved by client. These can be customized to distribute a specific message encouraging visitors to return to the site.

When a visitor comes to your site via organic or paid search, TV, print or direct traffic, they may convert or they may leave without converting into a lead or sale. Each prospect is uniquely identified allowing us to serve targeted ads to those prospects who did not convert while they visit thousands of websites across the Internet. They visit your site...

Retargeting ads are then delivered to those prospects across the Internet's largest retargeting network. You can also restrict your placement to specific types of branded content sites if you wish.

After they've visited your site and continue in their browsing, they see your banners everywhere!

Prospect returns to website after seeing ads up to 7 times across various websites!

You build brand awareness and increase conversion rates!

Why use retargeting?
  • Amazing compliment to all marketing efforts and current website traffic
  • Adds value to SEO and social media traffic
  • Reduce costs by utilizing single retargeting partner
  • ROI focus on conversions, not just impressions
  • Continual optimization of campaign via ROI goals
  • Industry leading reporting system for retargeting
  • Sequential and dynamic ad delivery across networks and publishers
  • Dedicated ROI consultant optimizing campaign
  • Canonicalization of non-www & www
  • Canonicalization of Index or default pages