Online marketing - Case Study

Online marketing - Case Study

Client is well known name among the Maharashtrian community for Matrimonial Services for serving to the all over the India. We had increase the online and overall business by targeting international audience.

Client:          Matrimonial Portal
Objective:      To increase the online and overall business by targeting international audience.
Project:          Matrimonial Portal Development

Before the Project:     
Client had the two website one of them was in regional Language (Marathi).

The main sources of generating business were direct walking through street board’s Display ad and mouth to mouth publicity and another source was enquiry and walking from newspaper advertising. The percentage of business from first option was very low whereas from second option percentage of business was as good as compare to first. However the cost involved for Newspaper advertising was so high and at the same time returns were too low. There were no tracking system and control on enquiry also. Client was too much worried about advertising cost of newspaper.

As mentioned earlier client had two website and were using for basic profile information sharing there were no techno booster at all. Online Registration was their but there but user could not able find the the perfect match and hence member were unhappy with services.

During the Project
Our team gets ready for the mission assigned to them.

Project has being discussed on execution level. Phase wise execution plan were prepared. We booked new domain to the client as per client desire. Information is being collected. Design being gets ready by Art department as per inputs received from creative department. Website based portal being developed
Considering the SEO tricks.

Later the portal programming has also being finished and project submitted to the client, made online for testing purpose and finally after required fixing project handover to client for use end user.

After the Project:
Results were so effective. End users were enjoying the searching on the portal. Reports shows that users love to stay long in searching on client portal. Now the Registration gets increased beyond the thinking. SEO based trick worked good site has the numerous visit and conversion of newer customer from throughout India and even from international level.

At the result, Client is happy! And he has approached us for PPC campaign and Monthly Google Analytical Reports.

SEO friendly website is more than having website.